Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hard to Find OPI?

Hi all, happy hump day! :)

So the polish I have for you today I have been looking for since I started hoarding buying nail polish! Since I'm *new* to the game, I am not sure if this is hard to find everywhere, or just in my area. (Feedback would be helpful!) While walking around a mall I don't usually go to, I saw a huge OPI display at a hair/nail salon and, of course, had to check it out. This little gem was sitting on the very bottom shelf covered in dust! Therefore, it is my rescue polish! Ladies, I give you... The One That Got Away!

This is from the 2011 Katy Perry Collection. It went on flawlessly, two coats of shimmery raspberry perfection!  

For my accent nail, I used one coat of OPI In a Flirtationship.

So basically this is my new favorite polish! It is just incredibly beautiful and is actually a great fall color, so I will definitely be wearing this again soon! Also, for the record, I ADORE Katy Perry!!!!

Here is a little bonus picture, since I didn't have the chance to post yesterday. Essie Aruba Blue, two coats, with one layer of INM Northern Lights on the accent nail.

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