Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Love Nail Polish!

Good morning beautiful people!

Today I have two indie polishes to show you. I Love Nail Polish has been on Etsy since last summer, and I am super impressed with what they have to offer! Run by the beautiful Barbra, these glitter mixes are out of this world! 

For my first order from I Love Nail Polish, I picked up two polishes. Info on how to purchase at the end of the post!

Babes in Toyland and Strawberry Creme
They come in the most adorable packaging too! 

Babes in Toyland
I wanted to show the versatility of this glitter, so I layered it over a few different colors here.
One coat over (left to right)
Wet N Wild Black Creme
Orly Au Champagne
OPI OPI... Eurso Euro
Nicole by OPI Alex By the Books
Nicole by OPI Stand By My Manny

Babes in Toyland bottle shot!
This awesome glitter has magenta circles, teal squares, purple, gold, and green hexes, and tiny little magenta, teal, and gold hexes.

And here's a super close-up shot:

Strawberry Creme

Strawberry Creme is to die for. All different shades of pink circle glitter with tiny pink glitter in a milky white base - this is so so so beautiful! A jelly sandwich in a bottle! I got so many compliments when I wore this to work! I LOVE THIS POLISH!

You can find I Love Nail Polish on Etsy here for $10 each. This was my first Etsy purchase and I am a fully satisfied customer! I already have a few other of Barbra's amazing creations in mind for my next purchase!

Have a great day!


  1. I <3 Babes in Toyland, i used to listen to the band same name so it is nice to see a lovely polish sharing their name!

  2. Всем привет! помогите кто знает... ищу где можно купить косметологическое оборудование в аренду, нагреватель полотенец киев и аппарат для кавитации цена киев? я только начала управлять салоном красоты, надо найти оборудование, а я не знаю где это купить)