Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Glitter Lovers Rejoice!

Hi there!! I am super excited to share this post with you today, because I can honestly say it has CHANGED MY LIFE!

I am a huge glitter fan, I love everything that sparkles and shines. As every girl knows, glitter nail polish is a pain in the tush to remove, and takes forever. The foil method of removal is good, but can get messy and dry your fingers out. So you can imagine how excited I got when I saw on Pinterest, and then on another blog, this fantastic method of glitter polish application that makes removal super quick (and acetone free!)

All you need is an empty polish bottle and a bottle of Elmer's glue (or any other kind of basic school glue). Clean out your bottle, and just pour in the glue - you can just squirt it right in! Don't fill it up all the way, make sure to leave some empty space.

Next time you grab your favorite glitterbomb, use the glue instead of your regular base coat. Let the glue dry completely - it will turn clear when fully dry. Now you can go ahead and apply as many coats of glitter as your little heart desires! Don't forget a top coat for that extra shine! :)

The whole idea is that the polish is supposed to peel off easily, no acetone required.

This is three fabulous coats of China Glaze Full Spectrum. I've had this polish
for a while, but never really used it until now, because it is pure glitter and I was dreading removal. Two coats of Seche Vite for shine!

After wearing this all day at work, I was really anxious to see if the process worked out! You can use an orange stick to get started, near your cuticle.

I was so excited when the polish came right off!! And in most cases, in one whole piece! There was absolutely no damage to my nails, and I just had to do a tiny bit of cleanup around my cuticles where there were some random pieces of glitter.

Once off, the pieces actually felt like really cheap press on nails.

I can't explain enough how overjoyed I am to have found this online. Apparently, Essence recently released a "peel-off base coat" and some genius chica out there discovered the ingredients in the polish were basically the same as glue. That girl is my hero! 

Expect to see a lot more glitter around these parts, now that it's insanely quick and easy to remove! 


  1. How long does the nail polish last? Is it the same as normal or is it slightly shorter because the nails peel right off? Great idea though!! :)

    1. When I wore the glitter to work, some of the pieces popped right off on their own. I was doing heavy filing at the time, but I do think this method is best for a short-wear manicure, not something to do when you want your polish to last a few days.