Monday, November 5, 2012

OPI: The Man With the Golden Gun !

Happy Monday my loves!

Today I have for you something I picked up unexpectedly over the weekend, from the new OPI Skyfall James Bond collection. Originally I was not planning on getting this at all, but I saw it at a local beauty supply, and it was RIGHT THERE... I couldn't help myself! So I splurged on this, and didn't buy anything else that day. Ladies, I give you...

The Man With the Golden Gun

I was just SO excited to try this out, and I pulled out a bunch of dark colors from my OPI drawer. After seeing it over the dark ones, and of course trying it over what I had already been wearing (OPI I Don't Give A Rotterdam!), I am confident in saying this looks good over just about anything! Just be sure to wait long enough in between if you do more than one coat: I didn't, and it got all goopy and thick on my nails, so I had to start over.

The first four colors I used as a base, from index to pinkie fingers (all OPI):
You Only Live Twice
Every Month is Oktoberfest
Louvre Me, Louvre Me Not

The second set of four base colors (all OPI):
Yoga-ta Get This Blue
Unfor-greta-bly Blue
Russian Navy
Tomorrow Never Dies

 So what do you think? It is absolutely gorgeous in my opinion, but something to save for very special occasions! Being 18k gold, it was obviously much more expensive ($29.95) than your average OPI ($8). But wow! So pretty!

Did you splurge on this too??

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