Saturday, November 3, 2012

Zoya Ornate Winter 2012 Collection!

Hello hello!! I am beyond excited to share this collection today! I ordered this right after it was released as a special birthday gift to myself :)

There are six amazing colors in this collection. I am blown away by almost all of them! Let's get to the pictures!


Aurora is an absolutely gorgeous purple with scattered holographic glitter. WOW! I had to give you a blurry shot to show off the holo. The day I wore this was super sunny, and I was getting distracted while driving because of all the wonderful that was happening on my nails!


Blaze is a deep cranberry red, and also has scattered holographic glitter.  So pretty!


 Electra is a bar holographic glitter in a clear base. As you can see in my pictures, the glitter gives off a rainbow of color! The glitter seemed a bit "hairy" to me - not sure if that will make sense to anyone else! I did 1 to 4 coats on my index to pinky fingers.


Logan is the prettiest green I've ever seen! This will be a perfect Christmas color. 


 Storm is black with scattered holographic glitter. I first wore this to my cousin's sweet 16, and I completely fell in love with it. You can check out that manicure here.


Ziv is gold, gold, gold! It kinda reminds me of champagne, and New Years Eve! 

For all of my pictures I used 2 coats, except for Aurora, where I used 3. The formula is really good on all of them, which is generally typical of all Zoya polishes.

Out of the 6, my top 2 picks are Aurora and Storm. To be completely honest, I didn't care much for Electra, but it's still nice to have. Random note: while swatching, I had Logan and Ziv sitting next to each other, and let me just say now that they are going to be great together come St. Patrick's Day! A perfect green and gold combo.

I ordered my Ornate collection at for $48. Not a lot of stores around me sell Zoya except Ulta, which doesn't have a very big selection, so I knew my best chance to snag these were to order online. Well, aren't I glad I did! With this set I got another polish, and since that brought my order to over $50, I got a whole bunch of freebies with my purchase! A whole bunch of color spoons, a 2oz. bottle of remover+, and a sugar scrub! I'll definitely be ordering from them again, especially whenever they have their next sale - I've been keeping a little wishlist :)

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