Sunday, November 18, 2012

Comparison Post!

Hello there, today I have two comparisons for you guys. Before I get into those, just wanted to say a few things!

I noticed a LOT of people have been looking for the Color Club Halo Hues collection and can't find it in stores. In my area I have noticed them in two stores: XSRE and Harmon Face Values. Prices were $9.95 and $7.99, respectively. Check out both their websites for locations near you! They're also on for $6.95, but are unfortunately sold out at the moment. You can always get them directly from Color Club for $10 each.

And a cool story, bro: At the end of September I ordered 400 "swatchsicles" on ebay. Of course the store was located overseas, and the shipping estimate was about 4 weeks. Well, the day came and went, and I never got my swatchsicles. So I opened a case with ebay, and they ended up ruling in my favor and I was given a refund to my PayPal account. I was okay with that, and figured I'd just order them at another time from someone else, and I forgot about them. Lo and behold.... they were delivered to me yesterday! I was way beyond excited, and all I've been doing all weekend is swatching my collection! Of course, at the time I ordered I only needed about 325 sticks... and now that I have them in my hands 2 months later, I don't have enough! I just wanted to share my joy with you all. :)
On to polish!

Sinful Colors Nail Junkie 
Wet N Wild Spoiled Use Protection

These two glitters are VERY similar, but not exact dupes. When I layered one coat each over Sinful Colors Savage (index and pinkie, that's the bottle I'm holding), you couldn't even tell the difference. However, on their own you can see that Nail Junkie (ring) is much more opaque than Use Protection (middle). I used three coats of each on my ring and middle fingers. 

China Glaze 108 Degrees
Sinful Colors Forget Now
OPI I'm All Ears
Color Club Wing Fling

When I was going thru my stash a few weekends ago, I noticed I had a few different colors that were this really vibrant, fuschia pink. So of course I had to compare them. 108 Degrees, Forget Now, and I'm All Ears are the SAME COLOR!! If I had to be very nitpicky, I'd say 108 Degrees does not dry as shiny as the others. Forget Now is very very sheer, and has an extremely watery formula. Wing Fling, while still the same shade of fuschia, has a foil finish, in contrast with the other three. I used three coats of each polish. If I had to choose, I'd pick I'm All Ears, because I like the consistency of the formula the best, but really, you're pretty much getting the same thing color wise! 

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