Friday, October 12, 2012

OPI Skyfall Part 2!

Hello Friday! I am particularly excited about today, I took off work, and my birthday is tomorrow! Yay :D

So in my last post I previewed the OPI Skyfall collection and showed you Goldeneye. Today I have another polish from that line, and it is beautiful!!!

Tomorrow Never Dies is a gorgeous purple. There is a wonderful, very subtle shimmer going on, and I swear when I was applying it, there were teeny tiny blue shimmer bits hidden in there. I used two thin coats for these pics - the first one went on a bit streaky, but it evened out great on the second. My pics make the color seem more blue than it really is, but trust me... this is one of the prettiest purples I own.

 I wanted a really eye-catching accent nail, and I dug this great Five Below find out of my Helmer. Funky Fingers Mermaid Lagoon has three different types of glitter in it - tiny blue, slightly bigger magenta, and then these absolutely fantastic medium sized hex glitters that are... you guessed it... holo! 
I'm totally obsessed with anything holo right now, since I am a *new* collector of polish, the only holo stuff I have is glitter, I am anxiously patiently awaiting the arrival of the China Glaze collection due out next year! For now, here are a few blurry pics of Mermaid Lagoon... enjoy its glittery goodness :) :)

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