Sunday, October 14, 2012

Birthday Nails & Sunday Sales!

Hello hello! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I spent it celebrating my 26th birthday! A very good friend took me out to see my favorite cover band last night, and we had an unbelievable time! Right now I'm in recovery mode, so I'll just show you my nails from last night and highlight a few of this week's sales!

Last weekend I went to TJ Maxx, because I read somewhere that you can sometimes find Sation polish there. Well, I found no Sation... but I lucked out and found this little beauty instead! I've been lemming this probably since I started collecting, and I am beyond thrilled that I finally found it! And to make the find even better, it only cost $7.99 for a two-pack of OPI colors!

Swimsuit... Nailed it! is one of the most beautiful blues I've ever seen! Glass flecks, foil-like finish... just perfect! I used two coats for my pics. The first one went on only a tiny bit streaky, and evened out on the second. I needed a little bling for my birthday, so I put one quick coat of Essie Set in Stones on my ring fingers. 

And now for Sunday Sales... 

Sally Beauty and Ulta's ads are still current from my last post here, I believe Ulta runs through the end of this week. As always, Sally Beauty's ads are monthly.

After searching through all the ads for this week, there really isn't anything noteworthy, just one sale at Walgreens. Wet n Wild nail color is only 99 cents! The photo in the ad shows a Wild Shine polish, so I'm not sure if this sale includes the Fast Dry and Mega Last lines also. However, no 'exclusions' are stated, so hopefully it does include the other two lines! I only have one Mega Last polish in my stash, and I'd really like to get all the others... :)

Even though we seem to have a lack of sales this week, we are getting something special: Zoya Ornate Collection! You can check out the colors on Zoya's website here. They are available for pre-order now, ship date is actually tomorrow, October 15. I'm not 100% sure if that means they will also be released to stores this week, but if I find that out I'll let you know. I am really looking forward to this collection... I may have to buy all of them!! Has anyone placed their pre-orders? Which colors do you need to have?

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