Monday, March 4, 2013

31 Day Challenge: Combo! Days 7 & 8

Another Monday is upon us! They should really just turn Monday into the 3rd weekend day, right?!

I decided to combine challenge days again! Day 7 is skittles or ombre, and day 8 is holo, flakie, or duochrome - so I decided to do holo skittles! I only own a few holos, and I used them all for this mani!

Thumb to pinkie:
Color Club Harp On It
Color Club Angel Kiss
Color Club Blue Heaven
Layla 04 Ultra Violet
Color Club Halo-graphic

The Color Clubs are from the Halo Hues collection from last year. I absolutely love these polishes! There is a second holo collection for this spring, so far I've only seen it on, but it's sold out right now. If anyone sees these in stores, please let me know! I am patiently waiting for the purple holo! Speaking of which...

About the Layla purple holo... I hate to say, I do not like it at all. The only reason I bought it was because it was in the clearance section of Ulta for only $6.99 (original price is $15.50!). You would think for the price, this would be an amazing holo! First of all, holo or not, $15 is ridiculous to spend on such a tiny bottle - it is only 10mL, compared to Color Club which is 15mL and costs less than half the price. The other issue I had was the formula - super watery and very difficult to build up. It took 4 coats to be opaque, and still dried dull and almost gritty looking. I didn't use a top coat for any of my other fingers except this one. You can see how dull the holo effects are compared to the Color Clubs. 

Sorry about my little Layla rant, but I think as consumers you should know what you're buying, before you pay for it!


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  1. these holos are amazing! i only have 1 but I really want some more, i love the effect of them, especially color club as theyre so strong!